Low Speed Handpiece Repair

Complete Low-Speed Handpiece Repair

Motor OverhaulsOne Year Warranty
Star Titan II & III$159.00
Midwest Tru Torc I & II$159.00/$189.00
Midwest Shorty I & II$159.00/$189.00
Midwest Rhino, RDH$159.00
Motor OverhaulsSix Month Warranty
Champion Little Guy$159.00
Nose Cones$95.00
Lynx Motors$169.00
Micro Motors$159.00
Kavo Motors$249.00
Motor Rethreads$95.00
Lowspeed AnglesThree Month Warranty
Latch Angle Rebuild$75.00/129.00
PB Latch Angle Rebuild$95.00/129.00
PB Angle New Cartridge$145.00
Kavo Angle Rebuild$149.00
New Ball Bearing Angle$110.00
New Universal Latch Angle$39.00
Star Titan S ScalerOne Year Warranty
Star Titan S/SW Rebuild$149.00
Rotor Replacement
$50.00 Three Month Warranty

Your time and patients are too valuable for handpiece problems.

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